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The inspiration behind the I Can® Coin design came when Linda's father was making his transition. He stated remember "I Can" when things get tough. After he passed in March of 2000 everything that could go wrong DID for her! Now she want to share these tools that developed throughout her journey, leading to the creation of this daily reminder coin.

My sister was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2009. This diagnosis led to a long journey for her and for those around her. It was during this time that Linda gave the "I Can" coin to my sister, me, and my other family members. For me, having the coin was like having a constant inspirational reminder with me at all times. When I reached into my pocket and felt the coin I found it to be comforting and reassuring. It was like having a small bit of peace in my pocket during a time that was heart-wrenching, highly emotional, and anything but peaceful. That coin is a precious gift whether one is facing difficult health issues or any other challenge that life can dish out. I am glad to have my coin! " ~Wendy, Ohio

Independently owned and operated, Journey Of Change, Inc. is a conscious, small business dedicated to helping inspire people during challenging times. Whether you are encountering health problems, recovery issues, mental/emotional challenges, or other life events that require living from the heart and courage, the I Can® coin will assist you.

Founder and creator Linda Davis is deeply motivated to help inspire, educate, and guide those who are in their "journey of change" through these products, their symbolism, and educational resources provided by Journey Of Change. She first visioned the I Can coin in 2000 and created it in 2008.

"While I live in Missouri, I traveled to Denver this week on business. I had a chance to visit the Mile Hi church in Lakewood, CO and wandered into their bookstore. I was immediately drawn to the "I Can" coins by their cash register. I knew I had to purchase one and when I got home I could see why. I have been struggling with alcoholism for many years and have tried many paths to get sober. I had been hearing that "I can't" and that "I'm powerless" to say no to alcohol. With this coin in my hands and on my desk each day I can remember that Yes, I CAN and that I do have the POWER to change and to recover. Thank you for creating this tool that has already blessed me and that will join me now on my daily journey." ~ Sean, Missiouri

To help spread inspiration, Linda has created contemplative and instructional videos, Pinterest boards, this website, and a Facebook presence. She continues to explore other social media to reach more people in need of education and inspiration.

We can all be guided and motivated by our past stories and each product at Journey Of Change has a story behind its creation. For example, the I Can coin helps us lift ourselves up every day, the Decision Assistant coin helps us clarify our choices, and the Honoring Ancestors coin helps us honor those in our family who came before us and are a part of our history.