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The powerful "
I Can" coin comes energetically cleared, charged, and blessed ready to serve as a visual reminder and effective tool when facing personal challenges.

Moving clockwise the twelve essential qualities; Forgive, Grieve, Trust, Heal, Let Go, Feel, Receive, Laugh, Create, Love, Learn, and Endure burst from the “I Can” Sun. The natural progression of the Journey of Change orients and guides the user on their Path of Transformation.
On the flip side, the Lightning Bolt of Illumination represents the POWER of "I Can" accessible to Everyone!



                    This coin is a beautiful gift of Hope
Welcome to the Journey Of Change!
I have been struggling with alcoholism for many years and have tried many paths to get sober. I had been hearing that "I can't" and that "I'm powerless" to say no to alcohol. read more

My sister was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2009.  For me, having the coin was like having a constant inspirational reminder with me at all times.  When I reached into my pocket and felt the coin I found it to be comforting and reassuring. It was like having a small bit of peace in my pocket during a time that was heart-wrenching, highly emotional, and anything but peaceful. read full testimonial

"I have purchased the "I Can" coins for about 1 1/2 years now, the way which works best for me is I hold on to a Coin for a while using it to   help me along the way, and when Spirit calls I release the coin and pass it on to a friend as a gift. read more


Linda on from March 4, 2009. She tells her story that lead to the creation of the I Can custom challenge coin. Listen to the recorded version on 3/4/9 on The Healing Chick Show.


The twelve ( 12 ) qualities or  steps bursting from the "I Can" Sun in the center are a guide for your self-empowerment. Take the first step to FORGIVE when you feel you are at your bottom emotionally, and go clockwise contemplating each quality to bring your life back into balance.  Allow yourself to GRIEVE the loss, then start TRUSTing.

When you feel you have worked through your healing process, you back up on top and ready to RECEIVE!.

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The "I Can" was placed in 4 DIRECTIONS around the coin, representing the many directions life can lead you to.

The LIGHTNING BOLT on the other side of the coin represents the POWER of "I Can" that can be accessed by you right NOW!

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This coin was in the birthing stages for over eight years.  It can be used as daily or hourly reminder for affirmations, contemplations, or meditations.

The inspiration behind this design came when my father was making his transition.   He told us to remember "I Can" when things get tough.   After he passed in March of 2000 everything that could go wrong DID!  Now I want to share these tools that developed throughout my journey, leading to the creation of this daily reminder coin.