The inspiration behind this design came when my father was making his transition. He told us to remember "I Can" when things get tough. After he passed in March of 2000 everything that could go wrong DID!

Now I want to share these tools that developed throughout my journey, leading to the creation of this daily reminder coin.

"My sister was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2009. This diagnosis led to a long journey for her and for those around her. It was during this time that Linda gave the "I Can" coin to my sister, me, and my other family members. For me, having the coin was like having a constant inspirational reminder with me at all times. When I reached into my pocket and felt the coin I found it to be comforting and reassuring. It was like having a small bit of peace in my pocket during a time that was heart-wrenching, highly emotional, and anything but peaceful.

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