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I Can Coin
I Can® Coin

When you are facing challenges remember..."I Can" The twelve qualities bursting from the "I Can" Sun in the center are a guide for your self-empowerment.

Decision Coin


Decision Assistant Coin

The award winning pendulum alternative. This coin is a tool to access your higher consciousness and to assist you in making the decisions! There are several options on this coin to help you get closer to your true answers.

YES Bumper Sticker


Bumper Sticker

I Can Keychain
I Can® Keychain

Activate the lightning bolt of your inner compass of “I Can” to empower you as you navigate your travels!

Red JOC Ancestor Coin.jpg


Honoring Ancestors Coin

Do you know who your ancestors are and where they came from? This two-inch coin was designed to assist one in remembering and honoring one's family tree and ancestors.

JOC Greeting Card


Greeting Card

Take time to look at the waves in your life from a different perspective ~Linda L. Davis

I Can Pocket Card
I Can® Pocket Card

Use this to contemplate the following questions:
Whom do I need to FORGIVE?....I Can FORGIVE
Can I allow myself to GRIEVE?.......I Can GRIEVE


Honoring Ancestors Cards


Honoring Ancestors Cards

Honoring Ancestors Cards help you choose which ancestor to honor at any given moment.

I Can Bumper Sticker

I Can®

Bumper Sticker

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